Don’t Let Christmas Sneak Up On You Again


This month’s blog will be shorter than usual because, like most of you, I have a lot to do with Christmas just a week away. It comes on the same day every year yet everyone talks about how it sneaks up on them. If you’re looking forward to Christmas but not looking forward to the several months of bills that follow, you’re not alone.

But think how nice it would be if next year at this time you didn’t have to worry about the bills that come in the winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch all of your family and friends open their gifts and know that they are already paid for? No fat credit card bills to dread? Well, it can be done.

Starting right after the holidays this year, get a plain old envelope and write the word “Christmas” on it. Now figure out roughly what you spend each year on Christmas. Not just gifts, but decorations, food, travel and everything else that adds up. Then divide that number by 12 (that’s how many months there will be in 2015). Now take that amount and put it in the envelope every single month for the next year. Then when Christmas rolls around you’ll have the cash to pay for everything. The fat envelope will be the one you have full of cash instead of the one from Visa or MasterCard!