About Me: John Floyd – The Funny Financial Guy

Image I’ve been a stand-up comedian for over twenty years. I have worked with about every comedian from Milton Berle to Chris Rock. I have also opened concerts for the likes of Michael Bolton, Martina McBride and Frankie Valli. If you had told me a few years ago I would be speaking and writing about finances, I would have thought you were crazy.

Not long ago I was in bad financial shape. I had about 15 bucks in the bank and a credit card that was so over the limit, I got to a point where I didn’t even bother to use it.

Believe me, once you’ve heard the words, “I’m sorry, Sir, but your card has been declined” a few times, you don’t want to risk hearing it again. I also had a car that I owed more on than it was worth. As for a retirement fund? Not a penny invested anywhere in anything. I always assumed that investing was for rich people. Little did I know that wasn’t true. People don’t invest because they’re rich. They’re rich because they invest! More on that in future blogs, I promise.

But one day I got fed up and decided to turn my financial life around. It was a lot easier than I though it would be. Within a couple of months I had $1,000 emergency fund in the bank. Not long after that, I had my credit card paid off. About a year later I paid off the car I had been “upside down” on. Not only that, it was paid off almost 2 and a half years EARLY. And get this, about two years after that I PAID CASH for my next car. More on that in future blogs as well. After that I opened a retirement fund. Today I have not one, but TWO retirement funds. More on that in, you guessed it, future blogs.

Believe me, I didn’t get in bad financial shape because I was living a fancy lifestyle that I couldn’t afford. I was living in a small, dumpy apartment and driving an ugly, cheap car. And, no, I didn’t all of a sudden start making more money. The whole time I was getting out of debt I was making a very modest living. In fact, in some parts of the country I would have been considered below the poverty level at the time.

After getting out of debt and seeing how easy it was, I became really interested in finances. I read over 300 books on the subject, listened to dozens of CDs, and even went to a few seminars. I became so interested in it that I wrote a book myself called Debt Free Is The Way To Be. Known as “The Funny Financial Guy” I now speak to schools, churches and other groups about the dangers of debt and the importance of investing for the future with a humorous perspective. Instead of doing stand-up, I encourage people to “stand up” to debt. I will be adding new blogs here every month or so, so please check back often. I will be giving lots of very helpful tips to get you on the right financial path. Just SOME of what you will be learning here will include:

– How to get out of debt and stay out FOREVER

– How to never have a car payment again and eventually have free cars FOR LIFE

– How to pay off your mortgage years early and save tens, possibly HUNDREDS of thousand of dollars

– Investing made easy.

– How breaking bad habits can make you VERY wealthy

– How just a year or two delaying the start of your retirement fund can cost you tens of thousands of dollars

– How to communicate with your spouse about money

– What to teach your kids about money

– Easy ways to save money

– How finance and credit card companies, along with other businesses, want you to ALWAYS owe them money Plus much, much more!

I look forward to sharing my story with you. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about my book or what I do, please visit my website at johnfloyd.com.